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Submission Date:                  14.02.2012 



The Electrocardiogram (ECG) is an essential diagnostic tool that measure and record the electrical activity of the heart. A wide range of heart conditions can be detected when interpreting the recorded ECG signals. These qualities make the ECG a perfect instrument for patient monitoring and supervision. Like ECG, Electroencephalogram (EEG) is also a diagnostic machine that detects brain’s electrical activity. The EEG machine records brain’s electrical activity as a series of squiggles called traces. Each trace corresponds to a different region of the brain which shows patterns of normal or abnormal brain electrical activity. The commonly used ECG & EEG machines used for diagnosis and supervision at present is expensive and stationary. With the recent advance in technology, there are possibilities to create a small sized system capable of transmitting ECG & EEG signal. The Idea of the project is to build up a combined system involving an Electrocardiogram (ECG) & Electroencephalogram (EEG) Machine. Our design involves using an ECG & EEG to sense electronic signals from differential electrode pairs. The designed system is unique in size and cost. The production of the system was not costly, and the size of the combined hardware is relatively small. This would make the design useful for portability purposes, as it can be transported with ease.


Project Description:


The work presented in this manuscript belongs to the framework of ECG & EEG research. More precisely, it focuses on the study of ECG & EEG signal processing in order to design a combined system of ECG & EEG machine. The overall objective of this project was to design and implement an efficient, reliable prototype of a combined system that involves ECG & EEG machine.


Description of The Project:

A recording of the electrical activity of the heart over time


       EKG               13_22a

Types of ECG Recordings

      Bipolar leads record voltage between electrodes placed on wrists & legs (right leg is ground)

                   Lead I records between right arm & left arm

                   Lead II: right arm & left leg

                   Lead III: left arm & left leg

      Unipolar Limb leads

      Unipolar Chest leads


3 distinct waves are produced during cardiac cycle

      P wave caused by atrial depolarization

      QRS complex caused by ventricular depolarization

      T wave results from ventricular repolarization






Block Diagram of the ECG System:





Electrode and Lead wire donated from LABAID Hospital


Total Signal Processing Board


               DSC00955(1)             DSC00954


Amplifier(AD624) & RLD Circuit

Low Pass Filter : A filter is an AC circuit that separates some frequencies from others within mixed-frequency signals.




Notch Filter : A Notch filter is a filter that passes all frequencies except those in a stop band centered on a center frequency.



 DSC01047           DSC01046           DSC01055


    _20120128211526            DSC01037       _20120130011652


The signal we got deviated from actual signal. Because, there might be some problems with our design. Moreover we couldn’t use the actual theoretical values of resistors & capacitors. If we could use those we would be able to get better shape.


Future Recommendation:

·         The current project is a promising platform for further enhancement of the design.

·         The process of enhancement can be modified to EEG and then it can be used in BCI (Brain computer interface)& BMI( Brain Machine Interface)

·         If fully developed, this technology could be a revolutionary development for paraplegics.

·         Individual consumers may also benefit using such a device to control household lights, computers, and appliances just by thinking.



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